Papiya Ghosh

About Papiya

Papiya was an accomplished Academician and a feisty single woman, who was totally committed to the highest principles of integrity, honesty and dedicated service.

Academic Achievements

Papiya's academic achievements have been path breaking.

Crime Perpetrated on Papiya

An utterly heinous and barbaric crime was perpetrated on Papiya Ghosh on 3rd December 2006 at her home, 168, Patliputra Colony, Patna (India) . She was stabbed to death with multiple wounds and assault by an armed group of half a dozen criminals who robbed her of most of her belongings and also murdered her […]

Toast to Papiya

Papiya touched the lives of uncounted numbers in myriad ways. The unique aura of her academic  accomplishments, intellectual virtousity, verve, vivacity and caring empathy was redoubtable. The spontaneous outpouring of deep feelings on her heinous end bear more than eloquent testimony to it. Tributes : Family – Excerpts Tributes : Dignitaries, Colleagues, Friends – Excerpts Messages […]

Memorialising Papiya

For Papiya’s family, friends, colleagues, students and admirers, she lives on. She is FOREVER. To memorialise her appropriately and hold aloft her legacy various initiatives have been taken over the years following the incomprehensible tragedy that befell her.Some glimpses are provided here


Purnujjal Papiya Memorial Trust released a book in memory of Papiya’s parents, Ujjal Kumar Ghosh and Purnima Ghosh . The Flipbook is available for your to read

Celebrating Papiya


I am a bird of paradise, fashioned by thee, thou hast costumed me in grace, colour and beauty: soft down of tenderness and golden plumes of soul unfoldment.

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda