Toast to Papiya

Papiya touched the lives of uncounted numbers in myriad ways. The unique aura of her academic  accomplishments, intellectual virtousity, verve, vivacity and caring empathy was redoubtable. The spontaneous outpouring of deep feelings on her heinous end bear more than eloquent testimony to it.

Tributes : Family – Excerpts

My Historian Friend

Though married to a family of historians, I had tried to keep my distance from History, with a typical Technocrat’s arrogance, which ...

From Jaya Ghosh

It is very difficult for me to think of Papiya in the past tense. She was seven years younger than me . I treated her as one of my kids in many ways...

My Very Dearest Sister

“Karmayogi” is a description that would aptly describe Papiya

From Papiya’s youngest sister and soulmate for all times.

The real connection between Bihar and my sister, Papiya, has puzzled many who knew her socially and professionally…


I don’t have words to express how much Papiya – our dearest ‘Bumble’ – meant to me and how much I will miss her. From feeding me Farex ...


Goodbye my friend
May you ever grow in our hearts,...

Bumble used to call me “son”

How fortunate I was all those years, and I did not know it. I had a second mother in Bumble Mashi.

I Miss you

I am like you in so many ways.There’s no better way to remember you than to see so much of you in me.Thank you for all you did for us .Thank you for being the jaan of the family.Thank you for being you.Bumble, you’re ‘ my immortal’.I miss you!! JAGRITI  KUMAR ,  Papiya’s  niece  (Excerpts  […]

Tributes : Dignitaries, Colleagues, Friends – Excerpts

President of India

A. P.J. Abdul Kalam

Bihar Legislative Assembly

Dated 8th Dec 2006

Of Undivided Commitment

A Tribute To Papiya Ghosh (1953 - 2006)
By Kumkum Sangari In Biblio, January-February, 2007.

The Last Laugh

Jug Suraiya,
24 December 2006, Times Of India, New Delhi.

Papiya Ghosh : In Memoriam

By Supriya Roychowdhury In Economic And Political Weekly, January 13, 2007.

Papiya Ghosh 1953-2006

By Jyotirmaya Sharma, In Seminar, February, 2007

The Wire : Remembering the Unfinished Work of Papiya Ghosh

Whenever one hears the famous historian E.H. Carr’s remark about history being an ‘unending dialogue between the past and the present’, one is reminded of an untiring historian, Papiya Ghosh (1953-2006), who did not live to see the traction her works could potentially generate.

Messages – Excerpts

Hindu College, University of Delhi

Dr. Kavita A. Sharma, Principal

Department of History, Patna University

Condolence Resolution

More Remembrances

Met Papiya in 1972 in Patna and last we met in her fateful house at 168 Patliputra Colony, Patna on

and More ..

I remember so very fondly and with admiration her graciousness & her sense of truth.Suresh Sharma,G 423 Greater Kailash II,New