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Articles / Research Papers

  1. The Civil Disobedience Movement in Bihar, M.Phil, Dissertation, University of Delhi, 1979.
  2. The Civil Disobedience Movement in Bihar, 1930-34 – Ph.d Thesis, University of Delhi, 1984.
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  4. ACS – A ticket to Academic Excellence, Times of India, Patna, 31 March, 1988.
  5. Community Questions and Bihar Politics, 1917-23 in, Indian Historical Review, Vol. 26, Nos. 1-2, July, 1989 & January, 1990.
  6. The 1946 Riots and the Exodus of Bihari Muslims to Dhaka, in, Dhaka, Past, Present, Future, Edited by Sharifuddin Ahmed, The Asiatic Society of Bangladesh Publication No. 60, 1991.
  7. The Making of the Congress Muslim Stereotype: Bihar, 1937-39 in, Indian Economic and Social History Review, Vol. 28, No. 4, 1991.
  8. Articulating Community Rights : The Muslim League and Hindu Mahasabha in Congress Bihar, 1937-39, in, Journal of South Asian Studies, Vol. XIV No. 2, December, 1991.
  9. Peasants, Planters and Gandhi: Champaran in 1917, in Kaushal Kishore Sharma, Prabhakar Prasad Singh and Ranjan Kumar, Eds., Peasant Struggles in Bihar, 1831-1922: Spontaneity to Organisation, Patna, Janaki Prakashan, 1994.
  10. The Virile and the Chaste in Community and Nation Making : Bihar 1920’s to 1940’s in, Social Scientist, Vol. 22, Nos. 1-2, January-February, 1994.
  11. Reinvoking the Pakistan of the 1940s : Bihar’s Stranded Pakistanis, in, Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol II, No. 1, 1995.
  12. Recasting Nationalism: Nehruvian, Secularism and Syed Mahmud, in Journal of Historical Studies, No. 2, December 1996.
  13. Muttahidah Qaumiyat in Aqalliat Bihar : The Imarat-I-Shariah, 1921-1947, in Indian Economic and Social History Review, Vol. 34, 1997.
  14. Contesting Hindutava – Indian Muslim Americans, April, 1997.
  15. Colonial Muslim Politics in Bihar, in, Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol. IV, No. 2, 1997.
  16. Partition’s Biharis in, Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Vol. XVII, No. 2, 1997; also in Mushirul Hasan (ed.), Islam, Communities and the Nation : Muslim Identities in South Asia and Beyond, Manohar, New Delhi, 1998.
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  21. Contemporary Patriarchies : Reconfigurations in Bihar in, Shakti Kak & Biswamoy Pati (Ed.), Exploring Gender Equations : Colonial and Post Colonial India, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi, 2005.
  22. Writing Ganga-Jamni : in the 1940s and After, Social Scientist, Vol. 34 / Nos. 11-12, Nov-Dec, 2006.
  23. Shared Spaces; Khuda Baksh Library Journal, Patna, No. 146, October – December, 2006.
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  26. Politics of Language & Culture in Bihar – Introductory Views.