My Very Dearest Sister

“Karmayogi” is a description that would aptly describe Papiya

“Karmayogi” is a description that would aptly describe Papiya – a believer in service, rather than a follower of religious rituals. She had a deep and abiding faith in the Divine Presence and whatever she did, it was with complete truthfulness and honesty and to the best of her ability.

She was the most caring and dutiful of sisters. Always positive, optimistic, with ready wit and sparkling intelligence, Papiya could not be put down for long. She was not afraid of voicing her opinions and would not tolerate injustice.

Through our deep grief, we will honour and cherish our brave and courageous sister for the very high values she epitomized.

I appeal to you to help securing justice for Papiya. Else it will be mockery of all that our Constitution and legal edifice stand for.