Petitions For Justice Over The Years - A Brief Scan

Latest Petition to Chief Secretary, Bihar, India, by Dr Tuktuk Ghosh, Papiya’s sister

Trials in the case of double murder of Prof. Papiya Ghosh of Patna University and Malti Devi on 3rd December 2006 at Patna
Mr.  Amir  Subhani, IAS,
Chief  Secretary,
Govt  of  Bihar,

Dear  Mr. Subhani,
On  the  16th  anniversary  of  the  tragic and  gruesome  murder of  my  sister,  Professor  Papiya   Ghosh  of  Patna  University  and  her  Attendant, Malti  Devi,  I  again  request  the  Government  of Bihar  to  provide  information  on  the  status  of  the  two  Trials  ,as  below,  which  has  been  denied  to  me  for  years,  in spite  of several  communications  to  the  Chief  Minister  and  your  predecessors-in-office.

The  first  Trial,  against  five  accused  , ST No 188  of FTC, 2007, Patna, had  delivered  a  guilty  verdict  in 2008,  with  the  death  penalty  for one  accused ( not  confirmed, however,  by  the  Patna  High  Court)  and  varying  terms  of  imprisonment for  the  others,  which  was  reportedly  challenged  in  the  Supreme  Court  in  a  Criminal  Appeal  Case, Ram  Chandra  Mahto vs.  State  of  Bihar, No. 10327/10.  In  spite  of  trying  to  obtain  details  of  the  appeal  by  corresponding  with  Shri  Gopal  Singh, Standing  Counsel , I  have , unfortunately, drawn  a  blank.

In  the  second  Trial,  taken  up  after  a  long  gap,  in  2012, in  FT  Court, ST No 1015 of  ADJ 3, First  Civil  Court, Patna, there  has   reportedly  been  no  progress,  on  various grounds, inter-alia, related  to  Case  Records not being  available, witnesses  not  showing  up etc. As  learnt  through  Mr. Anil  Sinha, Public  Prosecutor  , assigned by  Government  of  Bihar  (Mobile No-  9905299936)  ,  the  matter  has  evidently  stalled. 

In  the circumstances,  I  urge  you, as  an  aggrieved  family  member  of  the  victim and  a  former  Service  colleague ,  to  kindly have  the cases  looked  into , on  priority-  given  the  inordinate  delay-   and  the update   intimated . 

I may  add  that  my  father, Ujjal  Kumar  Ghosh, IAS, was  also a  victim  of  a  heinous  crime,  while  holding  a  senior  position  in  the  Government  of  Bihar  ,way  back  in 1957!

Both  my  father and  sister, who  contributed  much  in  their  own  way  to  the  State,  still   await  justice .

Kindly  advise  your  office  to  acknowledge  receipt  and  take  up  the  related  issues  with  the  concerned  Authorities.

Season's  Greetings & Regards,
Dr. Tuktuk Ghosh, 1AS (Rtd)
New Delhi.
Dated:  27th  December  2022.