Memorialising Papiya

Papiya Ghosh prize for best MPhil Thesis, Oxford University, UK

An Annual Award was instituted in Papiya’s memory by Saurav Sen, her nephew, from 2008, in the Department of International Development, Oxford University (UK) for the best M. Phil Dissertation. Those who have won this prize are:

2008 – Alexandra Lowe

2009 – Laura Ertmer

2010 – Kuumuori Ganle

2011 – Andrea Ruediger

2012 – Stephanie Bell

2013 – Felicity Le Quesne

2014 – Santiago Izquierdo Tort

2015 – Lucia Rost

2016 – Michela Mossetto Carini

2017 – Aisha Ahmad

2018 – Rocco Zizzamia

2019 – Nora Cyrus

2020 – Leonie Hoffmann

2021 – Wan Yii Lee

2022 – Carolina Rota. The thesis was a qualitative study of part-time women domestic workers in Mumbai, India.

2023 – Anvita Ramachandran of Jesus College won the Papiya Ghosh Prize for the best thesis. Anvita’s thesis investigated the welfare impacts of internal migration in India, to unpack why migration rates have remained low and static despite the substantial spatial disparities in opportunities and living standards in the region.