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Government To Seek Death Penalties For Professor’s Killing



Because of the brutal nature of the crime, the State Government will appeal to the Court to award death sentences to the killers of Patna University History Professor Papiya Ghosh, Home Secretary, Afzal Amanullah, said in Patna on Sunday.

“This was a pre-meditated murder committed in cold blood and the Government will ask the court to deliver capital punishment to all those involved in this heinous crime,” the Home Secretary said.

Meanwhile, the Police revealed more information related with the case that not only shocked Bihar but had widespread coverage in other States as well.

“Besides making threatening calls, the criminals also sent us a letter from Muzaffarpur,” the Police said.

Scattered with expletives, the criminals mocked the police for putting up ‘only’ Rs. 50,000 as reward money for their capture.

“No one will come forward for a meager amount like Rs. 50,000. You should have announced a reward of at least Rs. 1 lakh if you want someone to give you some leads,” the letter read.

“This was an attempt to throw us off track and so we concentrated on phone calls made by criminals using Dr. Ghosh’s stolen mobile,” Buddha Colony Police Station In-Charge K. K. Singh said.

Meanwhile, the Police have taken a Patna lawyer into custody after one of the criminals admitted ‘gifting’ the washing machine stolen from Dr. Ghosh’s house to his lawyer to keep him in good humor, sources said.